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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Flushable Bio-degradable nappy liner

Full 1 roll pack- 100 sheets : RM25 only!*

Kelebihan menggunakan Flushable Bio-degradable Nappy Liner

* Sangat lembut (sesuai digunakan pada bayi baru lahir..)
* Memudahkan proses membersihkan najis di CD agar CD sentiasa kelihatan bersih..
* Boleh dibuang terus ke dalam mangkuk tandas (akan terurai dengan sendiri.. so, tak perlu risau pasal toilet anda tersumbat ye..)
* Menjimatkan masa mencuci CD
* Jika baby hanya pee2.. nappy liner boleh digunakan semula.. (2-3 kali bergantung kepada keadaan liner )
* Jangka hayat CD pun lebih lama la kan..

Best kan..

What is Biodegradable & Flushable Nappy Liner?

Nappy Liners are used between the nappy and your baby's bottom. They are used to catch solids, which can then be flushed away. They also have a slight stay dry effect (though look at our fleece liners, if you want a liner with a true stay dry effect).

These paper liners can be either flushed down the loo, 1 at a time (even with septic tanks), composted or if they are just wet, they can be washed and re-used a few times.

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